Monday, June 13, 2022

Upcoming Events and Other Happenings

The recent long weekend saw me head down to the seaside community of Robe (about four hours south of Adelaide) to take part in the annual Health, Harmony & Happiness Winter Fair.  

I had taken down with me a selection of my LunaNoire Creations products and was also available for card readings.  While the weather leading up to the trip wasn't the best, it did not really seem to deter locals, nor visitors to the seaside community, from popping in.

I thoroughly enjoyed being involved with the fair, especially as I am providing a new home to a couple of Life by Crystals crystal towers (no, I don't need any more crystals, I said - haa, haa, silly me), and a gorgeous candle from Coonawarra Candles.  It was wonderful to see the fair being supported by so many people despite the weather.

Having returned home again, I will be heading to Smithfield Plains this coming Sunday (19 June 2022) to take part in the Adelaide Wellbeing Fair that will be held at the John McVeity Centre on Peachey Road.  Once again I will have a selection of my LunaNoire Creations products as well as copies of the books I have written and even some quality second hand books as I attempt to reduce my overflowing book collection.  I will also be available for readings if you are seeking some confirmation, guidance or clarity with respect to things happening in your life.

On Sunday, 3 July 2022, I will be back at available for readings at the Semaphore Community Market (200 Military Road) which is held regularly on the first Sunday of each month.  

Later Sunday evening, I will be taking part in MoonCon 2022, a free online event consisting of talks and discussions from various authors from my publisher, Moon Books.

As this two day event will be is hosted from England, and therefore the times are British Summer Time, the time difference means that I have plenty of time to participant in the Semaphore Community Market before getting ready for this conference.  As all the presentations will be recorded, they will later be uploaded onto Moon Books' YouTube channel.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Come and See me at Robe

I am delighted to be taking part in the Health, Happiness and Harmony Winter Fair that will be held over this long weekend, 11 and 12 June 2022 at the Robe Institute in the beautiful seaside town of Robe.

The Institute building is directly across the road from the main beach so there is plenty of parking.

Entry to the Winter Fair is free and the doors will be open from 9.30am until 4pm both days.

I will be showcasing a selection of my LunaNoire Creations products, in particular my handcrafted crystal beaded bracelets, handknotted crystal mala beads, the beautiful leather journals that I import from India, as well as having copies of most of my books available for purchase.  

I will also be available for card readings over the weekend.

As I will be in Robe from Friday afternoon, if you are in Robe and would like to book in for a past life regression, energetic healing or card reading outside of the Winter Fair, I will have a few times available.  Please email me to take advantage of this offer.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Journey into Freedom with Kali sadhana

If you are seeking a new start, then the Journey into Freedom with Kali may be what you are looking for. This 21 day sadhana (spiritual practice) invites you to enter into the sacred temple of the Hindu Dark Mother. Here you will explore the sacred myths and practices to aid your on your exploration with the goddess. The sacred devotional practices that will be offered will enable you to connect with this powerful goddess on a deep soul level in order to bring about ultimate change.

Are you ready to finally let go of what has been holding you back and limiting your spiritual growth? To throw these outdated patterns into the pyre once and for all?

Are you willing to offer your head (ego) to the Terrible Mother?

Although her appearance may appear frightening, Kali is referred affectionally as “Ma” (mother) to her devotees. Her love may be tough but it is true. If you allow her, she will show you a love so deep that it will never leave you.

Journey into Freedom with Kali is a self-paced 21 day sadhana practice. Every day you will receive an email that will contain information of this powerful goddess. Some may contain mythology and personal connections, others suggested prayers and ritualistic practices for you to undertake. You will also receive a guided meditation for you to undertake as frequently as you wish to further enhance your connection and relationship with Kali.

How deeply you wish to venture into Kali’s sacred creative cycle of birth, death and rebirth is entirely up to you and how much you wish to personally commit to your spiritual evolution.

Are you ready to awaken to the gift of true freedom that Kali offers?
What you will need for this sadhana:

:: A journal/notebook to record your discoveries and journey with Kali in.
:: An image or statue of Kali - this can simply be a picture downloaded from the internet or even one you have drawn yourself,
:: You may also like to obtain a set of mala beads to assist you with the reciting of mantras.

More about the use and where you can purchase these beads will be provided within the course, however I do make traditional length crystal malas as well as an assortment of devotional beads (including those dedicated to Kali), oils, incense and other products through my Etsy store, LunaNoire Creations.

Journey into Freedom with Kali sadhana will be commence on Sunday, 31 July 2022 and will run until Saturday, 20 August 2022.

Investment: $99.99 AUD

More information about this 21 day on-line sadhana can be found here including how you can register.

The Use of Moon Names within Contemporary Witchcraft

These days it is not uncommon for people to use folk names when referring to the full moon. Such names are believed to have some kind of historical or even indigenous connection. However, as quaint as this may appear to be, this historical connection is not necessary the case.  This is because if any names were used, they actually referred to the whole lunar cycle, i.e., from new moon to the following new moon, or full moon to the following full moon, as opposed to solely when the moon was full.

While I am not personally against the common usage of these moon names, I do believe it is important to have an understanding of where and how they originated. This, in itself, is also highlighted when looking at the names used themselves because they are often rather localised. This later point is important when it comes to the Southern Hemisphere, as not every alleged folk name can be transposed south of the equator.
While I do have a book coming out later in the year (or maybe next year) that focuses on working with the moon, in the following video, I attempt to encourage beginners, especially those in the Southern Hemisphere, to once again turn to their local environment. What is it telling you?

When we learn to listen more to that land upon which we reside, it not only helps to ground our Craft, but, especially for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, it offers up a deeper connection that in turn helps us to understand the Northern Hemispheric based mythos and lore contained within contemporary witchcraft.

It is also important to actually think twice and check resources/facts especially if social media is your means of gathering information.