Workshops and Lectures I Offer

I have been exploring various metaphysical and spiritual concepts since my late teens, writing essays since the late 1990s and tutoring on my three main interests in life - that being mythology, metaphysics and the mystical.  Workshops that I have hosted include:
** Introduction to Wicca and Modern Paganism (providing an overview of modern Pagan practices)
** The Wytch's Year (working with the eight seasonal festivals that make up the "Wheel of the Year" found within many Pagan spiritual paths)
** Climbing the Tree of Life (an introduction to the Mystical Qabalah)
** Embracing the Goddess (an introduction to the concept of the Divine Feminine)
** Maiden,  Mother and Wise One (a discovery into the three phases of being a woman)
** Celtic Queens and Warrior Goddesses (exploring a number of factual and fictional female characters found within Celtic myth and legend)
** Brighid's Sacred Fires of Healing and Transformation (working with the Celtic Goddess (and later saint) Brighid in order to heal and transform our lives)
** Reclaiming Your Shadow Goddess Self and Encountering the Dark Goddess (exploring the Jungian concept of the 'shadow' through working with a number of Underworld and chthonic Goddesses)
** The Land between Two Rivers (explores a selection of Gods and Goddesses from ancient Mesopotamia)
**  Land of the Pharaohs (explores a selection of Gods and Goddesses from Egyptian mythology)
** Ladies of Avalon and King Arthur's Court (an exploration of the many female characters who appear within the Arthurian legend)
** Call of the Wild God (the Pagan God of the forests and wild places)
** Esoteric Numerology (an eight part course working through numbers that appear in one's birth date as well as the equivalent of birth and other names)
** Journey of the Soul (focusing on the metaphysical belief of the evolution of the soul and what this means in the modern world)
** Sacred Journeying (exploring techniques of realising and developing one's innate psychic abilities)
** Exploring Totem Animals (a journey through the four animal kingdoms in order to discover your own personal totem animals and animal guides)
** Mystical Matters (exploring age-old techniques that the mystics and shamans of old used with respect to aiding and improving the lives of those around them) 

** Entering the Dreamscape (exploring the secret meanings of dreams).

Lectures and conferences that I have presented at include:
  • 2003: New Zealand Pagan Festival (on Southern Wheel of the Year and Understanding Darker Deities).  I also led the opening ritual with Chief Druid, Philip Carr-Gomm, and held a Dark Moon ritual.
  • 2005: Pagans in the Pub (Adelaide) (on The Temple of the Dark Moon and the Alexandrian Tradition).
  • 2006: Pagans in the Pub (Adelaide) (on Ceremonial Magick).
  • 2009: Pagans in the Pub (Adelaide) (on The Egyptian Goddess Nut).
  • 2009: Australian Wiccan Conference (Adelaide) (on The Dark Goddess).
  • 2010: New Zealand Pagan Festival (on Cord Magick and The Dark Goddess). I also led the opening and closing rituals with occult philosopher, Ramsay Dukes.
  • 2010: Australian Goddess Conference (Gold Coast) (on The Dark Goddess).
  • 2011: Theosophical Society (Adelaide) (on What is Wicca and Folklore of Mid Winter). 
  • 2011: The Goddess Gathering (Gaia's Garden, Melbourne) (on The Dark Goddess).
  • 2011: Australian Wiccan Conference (Tasmania) (on The Dark God).
  • 2012: Pagans in the Pizza Bar (Adelaide) (on Ritual Drama).
  • 2012: RosePetal Temple (Adelaide) (on Celtic Goddesses and Warrior Queens).
  • 2013: WEA Adult Learning (Adelaide) (on Mystical Matters).
  • 2014: WEA Adult Learning (Adelaide) (on Totem Animals and Heka: Ancient Egyptian Spirituality).
  • 2014: Australian Goddess Conference (Sydney) (on Primordial Goddess).
  • 2015: WEA Adult Learning (Adelaide) (on Embracing the Goddess).
  • 2015: Seven Sisters Festival (Melbourne) (on Who is the Goddess).
  • 2015: Private workshop (Barossa Valley) (on Encountering the Dark Goddess).
  • 2015: Pagans in the Pub (Adelaide) (on The Pagan God).
  • 2016: Muses of Mystery (Melbourne) (on Celtic Goddesses and Warrior Queens and Encountering the Dark Goddess).
Details about upcoming lectures and workshops can also be found mentioned on my blog or that of The Goddess House.
My qualifications include:
2013: Certificate IV Training & Assessment
2013 to 2015: I tutored at the WEA Adult Learning centre (Adelaide)
2014: I was engaged as a volunteer tutor through the ELS Home Tutoring programme
2016: Certificate III Community Services Work, NLP Practitioner certification, Time Line Therapy certification, Hypnotist certification, NLP Coach
I also hold current First Aid Certificate, DCIS clearances and R.A.N. certification.