Thursday, July 4, 2013

Article in The Cauldron Issue No. 149

The last 24 hours has rendered some disappointing news but also some wonderful news. 
Firstly, I received notification that an essay that I submitted from a proposed anthology, Crossing the River: An Anthology in Honor of Sacred Journeys had not been successful.  Its rejection was not because it was badly written, in fact the editor of the anthology personally praised my "scholarly analyst" of a lesser known Mesopotamian sacred journey.  It was rejected due to all the other submissions received being almost entirely poetic and fictional, thus causing a change in direction for the anthology.
Tonight I received notification that the first of four essays analysing the Goddesses who appear in the Welsh collection of myths known as The Mabinogion will be appearing in issue No.149 of The Cauldron (one of the better subscription only serious occult orientated magazines available).
Other offerings in this wonderful magazine include:
Anatomies of Shadow: Magical Avatism in the Sabbatic Craft and the Cultus Sabbati (Daniel A.Schulke),
Robin Hood, Thomas the Rhymer and the Virgin Mary (Greg Hill ),
Through the Eye in the Skull: The Metaphysical Relocation of the Self in Ritual Narrative (Bob Trubshaw),
Voices From the West: an interview with magician and geomancer David Cypher (Josephine McCarthy and Stuart Littlejohn),
White, Red and Black: A Bulgarian Healing Ritual (Grigor Mishev),
West Country Witchcraft as recorded in 19th and early 20th century newspaper reports (William Wallworth),
The Evil Eye and Berber Folk Magic in North Africa (Michael Howard),
Rhiannon - Celtic Goddess (Frances Billinghurst),
Crying for Elysium: The Pagan Fantasies of Forrest Reid (Mark Valentine).
plus six pages of new book reviews.

More information as to how to subscribe to The Cauldron can be found on their web site.