Workshops and Lectures I Offer

I have been exploring various metaphysical and spiritual concepts since my late teens, writing essays since the late 1990s and tutoring on my three main interests in life - that being mythology, metaphysics and the mystical.  Workshops that I have hosted include:
:: Introduction to Wicca and Modern Paganism (providing an overview of modern Pagan practices)
:: The Wytch's Year (working with the eight seasonal festivals that make up the "Wheel of the Year" found within many Pagan spiritual paths)
:: Climbing the Tree of Life (an introduction to the Mystical Qabalah)
:: Embracing the Goddess (an introduction to the concept of the Divine Feminine)
:: Maiden,  Mother and Wise One (a discovery into the three phases of being a woman)
:: Celtic Queens and Warrior Goddesses (exploring a number of factual and fictional female characters found within Celtic myth and legend)
:: Brighid's Sacred Fires of Healing and Transformation (working with the Celtic Goddess (and later saint) Brighid in order to heal and transform our lives)
:: Reclaiming Your Shadow Goddess Self and Encountering the Dark Goddess (exploring the Jungian concept of the 'shadow' through working with a number of Underworld and chthonic Goddesses)
:: The Land between Two Rivers (explores a selection of Gods and Goddesses from ancient Mesopotamia)
::  Land of the Pharaohs (explores a selection of Gods and Goddesses from Egyptian mythology)
:: Ladies of Avalon and King Arthur's Court (an exploration of the many female characters who appear within the Arthurian legend)
:: Call of the Wild God (the Pagan God of the forests and wild places)
:: Esoteric Numerology (an eight part course working through numbers that appear in one's birth date as well as the equivalent of birth and other names)
:: Journey of the Soul (focusing on the metaphysical belief of the evolution of the soul and what this means in the modern world)
:: Sacred Journeying (exploring techniques of realising and developing one's innate psychic abilities)
:: Exploring Totem Animals (a journey through the four animal kingdoms in order to discover your own personal totem animals and animal guides)
:: Mystical Matters (exploring age-old techniques that the mystics and shamans of old used with respect to aiding and improving the lives of those around them) 

:: Entering the Dreamscape (exploring the secret meanings of dreams).

Lectures and conferences that I have presented at include: :: 2003: New Zealand Pagan Festival (on Southern Wheel of the Year and Understanding Darker Deities).  I also led the opening ritual with Chief Druid, Philip Carr-Gomm, and held a Dark Moon ritual.
:: 2005: Pagans in the Pub (Adelaide) (on The Temple of the Dark Moon and the Alexandrian Tradition).
:: 2006: Pagans in the Pub (Adelaide) (on Ceremonial Magick).
:: 2009: Pagans in the Pub (Adelaide) (on The Egyptian Goddess Nut).
:: 2009: Australian Wiccan Conference (Adelaide) (on The Dark Goddess).
:: 2010: New Zealand Pagan Festival (on Cord Magick and The Dark Goddess). I also led the opening and closing rituals with occult philosopher, Ramsay Dukes.
:: 2010: Australian Goddess Conference (Gold Coast) (on The Dark Goddess). 
:: 2011: Theosophical Society (Adelaide) (on What is Wicca and Folklore of Mid Winter). 
:: 2011: The Goddess Gathering (Gaia's Garden, Melbourne) (on The Dark Goddess). 
:: 2011: Australian Wiccan Conference (Tasmania) (on The Dark God).
:: 2012: Pagans in the Pizza Bar (Adelaide) (on Ritual Drama).
:: 2012: RosePetal Temple (Adelaide) (on Celtic Goddesses and Warrior Queens).
:: 2013: WEA Adult Learning (Adelaide) (on Mystical Matters).
:: 2014: WEA Adult Learning (Adelaide) (on Totem Animals and Heka: Ancient Egyptian Spirituality).
:: 2014: Australian Goddess Conference (Sydney) (on Primordial Goddess).
:: 2015: WEA Adult Learning (Adelaide) (on Embracing the Goddess).
:: 2015: Seven Sisters Festival (Melbourne) (on Who is the Goddess).
:: 2015: Private workshop (Barossa Valley) (on Encountering the Dark Goddess).
:: 2015: Pagans in the Pub (Adelaide) (on The Pagan God).
:: 2016: Muses of Mystery (Melbourne) (on Celtic Goddesses and Warrior Queens and Encountering the Dark Goddess).
:: 2019: Alchemy Space (Sydney) (on The Dark Goddess).

My qualifications include:
:: 2013: Certificate IV Training & Assessment
:: 2013 to 2015: I tutored at the WEA Adult Learning centre (Adelaide)
:: 2014: I was engaged as a volunteer tutor through the ELS Home Tutoring programme
:: 2016: Certificate III Community Services Work, NLP Practitioner certification, Time Line Therapy certification, Hypnotist certification, NLP Coach
I also hold current First Aid Certificate, DCIS clearances and R.A.N. certification.