Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Melbourne Workshops over ANZAC Day Long Weekend

I am delighted to announce that I will be presenting two workshops over the ANZAC Day long weekend for Muses of Mystery.  These workshops are Celtic Queens and Warrior Goddesses (to be held on Saturday, 23 April 2016), and Encountering the Dark Goddess (to be held on Sunday, 24 April 2016).  There will also be a ritual held Saturday night.
Celtic Queens and Warrior Goddesses (Saturday, 23 April 2016)
Amongst the legends of the Celts can be found a number of powerful and extremely fascinating women who were rebellion leaders, pirates, initiators of heroes, and even foretellers of doom.  Some of these women were actual historical figures, such as Queen Boudicca of the Iceni who led a rebellion against the Romans in 61 CE, and the 16th century Irish pirate Grace O'Malley.  Others, including Machathe Morrighan and Scathach, have their stories blended with the mist of a somewhat romantic past. 
in this interactive workshop we will be exploring the myths and lives of these powerful women as well as ascertaining what they may evoke and inspire within our own selves.
Encountering the Dark Goddess (Sunday, 24 April 2016)
This is an informative and interactive workshop that will focus on four aspects of the Goddess who are often associated with the "shadows" and the Underworld.  Within Jungian psychology, the "shadow self" is that aspect of ourselves that we would rather hide from or ignore as opposed to accepting and embracing. 
During this workshop we will step into the realm of four extremely powerful Goddesses in order to explore their myths and gain deeper knowledge in the messages that they offered to us.  These Goddesses are Kali-Ma (the ultimate "Dark Mother"), serpent headed Medusa, Ereskhigal (Queen of the Great Below), and Hekate (guardian of the crossroads). 
More information about the Celtic Queens and Warrior Goddesses workshop can be found here while details relating to the Encountering the Dark Goddess workshop can be found here.
Both workshops will cost $100 each.
Bookings are essential for all these events and can be made through contacting the lovely ladies at Muses of Mystery for more details.

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