Saturday, September 13, 2014

Second Book nearly completed

Over the last month I have been attempting to finalise the manuscript of In Her Sacred Names: Writings on the Divine Feminine in order to have at least a proof copy of this book ready for the Australian Goddess Conference that I will be attending in October.  I am delighted to announce that last weekend the first proof was ordered and I am now tapping my fingers somewhat nervously awaiting its arrival.
Heeding to a number of suggestions that I have received over the years, In Her Sacred Name: Writings on the Divine Feminine is a collection (albeit a small one) of articles that I have written over the years about the Goddess, the Divine Feminine - from historical accounts based around the discovery of artefacts and figurines such as the "Venus" figurines, through to various cultural aspects and specific Goddesses who have come down to us within mythology, and concluding with ways and techniques of honouring the Goddess in this modern highly technologically orientated age.

Venus of Laussel
Due to word count restrictions when these articles first appeared in various magazines, most have been expanded, and some even updated.  Divided into four sections, the first, entitled "Who is the Goddess?" includes a historical look at the Goddess (as mentioned above) as well as my own personal meeting and exploration.  The second section contains 13 different aspects of the Divine Feminine from various cultures around the world, including Norse, Egyptian, Buddhist, Chinese, Hindu, Greek/Roman and even ancient Mesopotamia.  The third section contains essays focusing on the Goddesses found within the popular "Goddess Chant" (penned by Deena Metzger and Caitlin Mullin) and the concept of the Triple Goddess.  The final section contains suggestions of how to connect to and work with the Goddess including the construction of shrines, ways of attuning to the Divine Feminine and working with Her during the Full Moon.

Norse Goddess Sif
Once the proof copy  has arrived and has been checked, I will be in a position to start taking pre-orders, and providing everything continues to progress smoothly, In Her Sacred Name: Writings on the Divine Feminine will be available to be purchased through me (for Australian customers) and on-line through stores such as, and the like by the end of the year.  Already  however the subtitle has been changed from Writings about the Goddess to Writings on the Divine Feminine in light of Tara and Kuan Yin more accurately perceived as  bodhisattvas (entitled beings) as opposed to Goddess.

In Her Sacred Names will be balanced with the proposed anthology that I am currently seeking submissions for about the Divine Masculine, Call of the God: An Exploration of the Divine Masculine within Modern Paganism.  The deadline for this anthology is 31 January 2015.  More information about this anthology, what I am looking for, and how to contribute can be found here.

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