Thursday, June 12, 2014

First Delivery Only Days Away (I hope)

When things are out of your control and you are dependant of others, the process of waiting can be rather excruciating.  This is the situation that I find myself in as I wait for the first delivery of Dancing the Sacred Wheel to arrive. 
Eleven days has passed since I received notification that the order was on its way, yet nothing has arrived at my post office.  Unlike the first edition which was printed locally (where I was able to telephone to check on the status), the second edition is printed overseas.
Due to the overwhelming response, I am on the verge of placing my second order as a way to ensure that my patience isn't tested as it is now.
Dancing the Sacred Wheel is also available online through Createspace and I am hoping that an ebook version will be available on before the end of the month.

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