Sunday, March 16, 2014

Now Available "Paganism 101"

As mentioned my previous blog, the latest anthology that I have contributed towards, Paganism 101: An Introduction to Paganism by 101 is now available through sites such as as well as other bookstores and Brumby Sunstate within Australia.
Consisting of some 279 pages, this introductory guide is edited by Trevor Greenfield of Moon Books and contains essays from many well-known Pagans including Emma Restall Orr, Brendan Myers, Melusine Draco, Cat Treadwell, and Mark Townsend.

My own contribution is a short vignette on undertaking ritual.
Paganism 101 is described as offering "a truly unique insight" into Paganism by 101 person who walk various paths under the umbrella of Paganism.
This is the first of three books produced or being produced by Moon Books that I have contributed towards.  The other two are Witchcraft Today - 60 Years On (marking 60 years since the publication of Gerald Gardner's book of the same name, and due for release in June 2014) and Naming the Goddess (release date unknown).