Monday, January 7, 2013

Book Demand is Overwhelming

I am delighted to announce that Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Southern Sabbats was finally released in November 2012 and now has been received at the National Library in Canberra as well at the State Library here in South Australia.  This means that when searching the National Library's catalogue, all the necessary ordering details are made available.  As a result I have sold a number of copies to various libraries around Australia so far which is extremely exciting.

Since it's release, the book has been receiving wonderful feedback, including this book review who, despite the reviewer actually living in another country (New Zealand compared to me residing in Australia), she states that "this book will give you a new perspective with which to perceive the seasons in the reader’s own country".

The reviewer continues to point out that Dancing the Sacred Wheel " ... is well researched and referenced, which is engaging and interesting. It encourages the reader to celebrate and practice their craft, not just read about it."  She further notes that the book " ... encourages the reader to actually do something rather than just read ... " which was been something that has been niggling at me for a while with respect to the majority of Pagan books (in general) on the market today - while they may be excellent in relaying information about the practices etc, they fail to encourage the reader to actually DO anything personally about it.  A result of this is the gross over-generalisation that we find today - where modern "followers" of Pagan practices do not seem to actually practice what they read about, which then leads to them not fully understanding the background information as to why things are actually done a certain way, etc.

As I self-published Dancing the Sacred Wheel, there are limited numbers available through my web site.  The book is also available through selected outlets around Adelaide, including:
New Dimensions (the Theosophical bookshop) - 310 South Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia 5000. Telephone (08) 8223 4877
Cosmic Pages - 338-340 King William Street  Adelaide SA 5000.  Telephone (08) 8231 9105
Crystal Wave - 677 Grange Road  Grange SA 5022.  Telephone (08) 8235 1817
Enchanted Dreams - Fisherman Wharf Markets, Port Adelaide (open Sunday)

In Melbourne it is also available from:
TS Bookshop - 126 Russell Street  Melbourne VIC 3000.  Telephone (03) 9650 3955

Online, it can be purchased from:

In only about two months after release, over half the books printed have already been sold.  While this is fantastic news, it does place me in a bit of a dilema as I am not in a position to finance another print run until 2014.  I am therefore considering two options:
Continue producing the book myself but via one of a number of on-line "print on demand" sites; or
See if a publisher would be interested in picking up the manuscript.

And with reviews of the book only now being made available, this is a decision that I will need to make very shortly.

Prospective publishers are more than welcome to contact me if they are interested in picking up my book.

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