Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dancing the Sacred Wheel - Pre-Orders Being Taken

It has taken a while (some eight years actually) but just over a week ago, I announced that I would start to take pre-orders for Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Southern Sabbats.  In this short time I have been extremely humbled by the number of people who have showed their support for this book by doing just this.

As it is, I am in the final stages of "twigging" whilst the interior design has mostly been completed.  Shortly the cover will also be completed and by the end of this month, I should actually have in my hands a proof copy.

Considering the amount of time that I have devoted to this project, especially in the last 18 months in an attempt to get it finished, naturally I am extremely excited.

In writing Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through Southern Sabbats I have tried to provide an in-depth look into some of the myths and folklore associated with each of the sabbats, as well as discussing ways of how to create specific rituals and observances that acknowledge each seasonal “gateway” when the local environment is reflecting something completely different.  This in itself can be a challenge at specific times of the year.

Tradition is important to me, or at least understanding the "essence" (foundation) of a tradition, but so too is being in synch with your own local environment.  In Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through Southern Sabbats I have attempted to do just this in outlining the hows and whys certain "traditional" aspects of the seasonal rites that I have undertaken over the years are still continued with, or have actually been replaced (depending on the circumstance and situation).

More information about Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through Southern Sabbats can be found on the Temple of the Dark Moon's web site.

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