Saturday, January 30, 2016

Registrations are open for the 2016 "The Wytch's Circle"

The Wytch's Circle is a six part intensive course on ritual, magick and the Craft that will commence around the new moon in April 2016 (Thursday, 7 April 2016) at the Temple of the Dark Moon's covenstead in Parafield Gardens (Adelaide).

Specifically designed for those who have some knowledge of the magickal arts and who would like to put this knowledge into practice, as well as those who are seeking to gain a more solid foundation upon which to base their own magickal practice.
Beginners to ritual magick are welcome to attend however the design of this course is that it is not only a 101 course.

Submission Call: Bibliotheca Alexandrina devotional to the Dark Gods

Bibliotheca Alexandrina, whose devotional anthologies I have contributed to in the past, are in the process of calling for submissions with respect to an upcoming anthology dedicated to the Dark Gods.  Deities that fall within this category include Hecate, Kali, Loki, Set, Lilith, Ereshkigal, Hel, and Hades, amongst others. Even benevolent deities such as Apollo, Freyja, Isis, and Brigid all have their shadow sides.
Dark is often associated with things like death, war, destruction, and violent change. But dark does not equal evil, even if the ways of the dark ones are often sombre, mysterious, and even frightening.
Bibliotheca Alexandrina are seeking stories and poems of the Dark Gods and Goddesses of any pantheon or religion.  Make these deities accessible, turn the old stories on their heads, or show the Dark Ones in all their glory (but in a way that makes them more than just a villain or nemesis for some other deity).