Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Grey Mare on the Hill now available

It has been a long time coming  but finally word has been received that the devotional anthology to the Great Horse Goddess, The Grey Mare on the Hill has finally arrived.
Lovingly complied by Lee Davies, a devotee of the Brythonic Goddess Rigantona, this anthology focuses on the "constellation" that is found over the British landscape, that being the constellation of Great Goddesses of the Land, of Sovereignty and of the Horse.
From the Indo-European origins of Horse Goddesses to the Medieval Rhiannon of the Mabinogion, the Grey Mare has been upon the Hills above us.   Amongst the pages of The Grey Mare on the Hill can be found devotional works from many devotees of the Great Goddess of the Land, the Mare Goddess, the Giver of Sovereignty; and lays out their offerings for Her.  Poetry, devotional spaces and essay works set upon an altar of paper to be offered up to her.