Thursday, May 1, 2014

Devotional to the Morrighan now available

Shapeshifting triune daughter of the
Great Ernmas
Fading in and out of dreams with bloody desires and lust
Morrigu of the ancient land, whom
the Dagda loved
Prophesising heroes and battles that would
be lost.*
It is always exciting when a new anthology that I have contributed towards is released and By Blood, Bone, and Blade: A Tribute to the Morrigan (edited by Nicole Bonvisuto and Bibliotheca Alexandrina) is no exception.
The Morrig[h]an was referred to by many titles including "Phantom Queen", "Night Hag", "Mistress of Battles" and "the Great Raven".   To the Irish she was both the benevolent mother and righteous wrath, the creative destruction and destructive creation.  She inspired, perplexed and even maddened those who came across her.  
Within the 284 pages of this anthology, modern-day devotees offer poems, short fiction, rituals, essays, and artwork to the Lady in all her many splendid and terrifying forms.  

My own poem, "Call to the Morrighan" can be found on page 47.

Queen of the Phantoms, chooser of the slain
Stirring blood to a frenzy, Nemain that is her name
The raven of the battlefield with her death defying call
When Badb Catha circles, death will come to all.*

* From my poem, "Call to the Morrighan"