Monday, December 30, 2013

A Wonderful Collection of Modern Devotional Offerings to the Queen of Heaven


This is a book review of the latest offering from Bibliotheca Alexandrina.  Queen of Olympos: A Devotional Anthology for Hera and Iuno is edited by Lykeia.

Disclaimer: I am a contributor of a devotional hymn that appears in this anthology.
“Of all the Goddesses honoured in modern times, it seems a bit surprising that Hera doesn’t get much love, when in fact she was one of the more important Goddesses.”  These are the opening lines by editor Lykeia in her essay about the modern worship of Hera.  Indeed, the worship of the queen of the Greek Olympian pantheon may appear to pale by comparison to that of her wayward husband, Zeus, or even other Goddesses such as Aphrodite and Artemis, yet, Queen of Olympos: A Devotional Anthology for Hera and Iuno  is an anthology bursting with original prayers, passionate pleads and devotional hymns to both Hera and her Roman counterpart, Iuno.